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Online ordering is now over. If you still need a turkey, please call the store for availability or just come in. We still have many sizes left.


American Broad Breasted Bronze:

This turkey was the most popular turkey variety in the US prior to the 1960's.  It is stately in appearance and stands four feet tall, with an 18 inch tail and 6 foot wing span.  The color is copper bronze with a background of brown and black, and white bars on the tail.  Today, this breed is promoted for small scale production.  

Bourbon Red:

Named for Bourbon County, KY, this variety resulted from breeding for improved meat production and a darker red color.  The American Poultry association recognized this variety in 1909, and it was ambitiously promoted with an emphasis on its heavy breast and richly flavored meat.  Handsome in appearance, they have brownish to dark red plumage with white in the flight and tail feathers. These are listed in the US Ark of Taste as a food that is in danger of extinction. By promoting and eating Ark products, Slow Food USA helps ensure they remain in production.



These turkeys are from this year and have never been frozen.

All Natural:

These turkeys are not pumped with silicone, preservatives, or artificial
ingredients.  They've been raised without growth‐promoting hormones or
antibiotics. (Brining for 24 hours is recommended for all natural turkeys).

Free Range:

While these turkeys have indoor quarters to protect them from the elements,
they have free access to the outdoors‐‐to come and to as they please‐‐for more
than half of their lives.

Pasture Raised:

These turkeys are raised outside on 15 acres of lush pastures and in wooded areas that stimulate their natural environment.  The ability to explore the hills, valleys and trees contribute to a richer flavor with more muscle tone.  The carotene from the grass they eat also provides both rich flavor and color.  They have access to fresh spring water (free of antibiotics and additives) at all times.  


These turkeys are fed a diet of non‐GMO feed for the first two thirds of their lives and are finished on certified organic pastures and organic corn. The turkeys are processed in a facility that uses organic practices.  Tea Hills Organic Farms plans on receiving full organic certification for their turkeys in the near future. For more information, visit .



Our Non-GMO Project Verified Turkeys are raised to the following standards:

  • Turkeys are raised & fed a diet in compliance with the Non-GMO Project standards for avoidance of genetically engineered ingredients

  • Turkeys are raised free-range on our pasture land with outdoor shelters, feeders and water

  • Turkeys are raised with no antibiotics or hormones ever

  • Turkeys are fed a Non-GMO vegetarian diet with no animal by-products

  • Turkeys are all natural with no preservatives and are naturally gluten free

Slow Food USA: US Ark of Taste

The US Ark of Taste is a catalog of over 200 delicious foods in danger of extinction.  By promoting and eating Ark products, Slow Food USA helps ensure they remain in production.  To qualify for the US Ark of Taste, a product must meet the following standards:

  • Outstanding in terms of taste - as defined in the context of the local traditions and uses

  • At risk biologically or as culinary traditions

  • Sustainably produced

  • Culturally or historically linked to a specific region, locality, ethnicity or traditional production practice

  • Produced in limited quantities, by farms or by small-scale companies

for more information on Ark of Taste, please visit their website :


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