The Hills Market - Turkey Preorders

Online ordering is now over. Luckily, we still have plenty of fresh turkeys available! They will be sold on a first come - first serve basis. Just stop in and ask at the meat counter, or call for availability.


Terms & Conditions

All Orders need at least three days to complete, ordering a turkey for the same day or without the three days will not be processed.  All turkeys ordered require a $5.00 deposit per turkey.   This $5.00 deposit will apply to the final purchasing of the turkey.  Prior to the date of pickup, If you need a refund, please contact the store where the pick up will be occurring via phone, email or the contact us page.  After or on the date of pickup, no refunds will be given.

Turkeys comes in a wide variety of weights.  We will work closely with our producers to ensure you receive a turkey within the size range that you order. We cannot guarantee an exact weight